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NIEMA FOXE has a history of design spanning many years. She first discovered her love of crochet at age 9 in a private Boarding School in upper-state PA; her first endeavor turned out to be a hat. She went on to cultivate her love of hand-made items and later attended FIDM/LA & BCLB. Using the knowledge gained from these schools, she expresses her love of design with crochet, weaving, and machine-knitting, as many of the productson this site are inspirations from her schooling in textiles design. Niema also has available an impressive collection of beaded jewelry, with or without genuine gemstones.

Sail through Spring with New Looks for Teens, 'Tweens' and 'the Rest of Us'!

Coming soon our attractive and trendy hand-crocheted skirts! 100% USA-made, with a blend of Viscose and Acrylic yarns.

Introducing the NFC hand-crocheted skirts for girls and adults! Skirts include lace tie-ups, crocheted flowers and Deco-Buttons. Skirts come in a variety of colors and sizes and are easy-care.

Please watch this space for items and pricing info! SITE-WIDE FREE SHIPPING VIA USPS PRIORITY OR EXPRESS MAIL!!


"Uptown Shawl", hand-knit only by Niema, in luxe black Mohair {$74.99 + Tax - free shipping!} (Please allow two to four weeks for delivery of Custom items.)
"boDACious" Shawl, knit in Luxe, Magenta/Blk Mohair {$174.99+Tax} FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US WITH QUERIES, OR TO PLACE SPECIAL ORDERS VIA EMAIL!




Niema Foxe Creations, LLC is happy to introduce new charm bracelets from the CANDYGIRL brand line.

We currently have a limited amount of these bracelets, but will be purchasing more soon.
Each bracelet is priced at our low introductory cost of only $7.99 to $11.99 each, and come in their own drawstring pouches.

Wear them combined with the NFC gemstone and fashion bracelets, or select more than one CandyGirl bracelet to wear together. All bracelets are on a first-come, first-serve basis currently, due to our limited stock.
Please call our Customer Service support line at (213) 880-2102 should you have questions, need further info, or have a problem with your purchased product(s).
And thank you for your support of Niema Foxe Creations, LLC!

Hand-strung Bracelets with many varieties Wear singly, or in groupings!

Limoges Jewelry


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NFC accepts merchandise items that are unworn, unwashed or defective for return or exchange as long as they are returned within two to four weeks. We will issue you a credit either back to your account or will mail you the appropriate amount spent on our website. Your return will usually be processed within a week to a week and a half with an email notification. Please return all merchandise to Niema Foxe Creations, P.O. Box 485, Torrance, CA 90508. Please call our Customer Support line, (213) 880-2102 with any questions or concerns that you may have. Please be sure to pack your return securely and in the original packaging, if possible. Sorry, but we do not accept COD returns.

If you have purchased items that are now on sale, we will gladly offer you a one-time price adjustment if you contact us within 14 days of the original date of purchase or shipment.

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