NFC Closeouts

Welcome to the Niema Foxe Creations Close-outs Section!

Here you will find items that can be purchased at a good price from other businesses that closed their doors, allowing us to pass along savings to you, our valued customers.

Currently we have a small select items of shoes and boots available to purchase, but will be adding more items whenever they become available. Our stock currently includes the De Blossom lines, SPLASH, Chloe Botin and more. All items are an as-is purchase, and there are only a limited amount to buy, so get yours before they're gone! Tell your friends and family about the new Niema Foxe Creations website, and please stop back and visit often!

For all questions or concerns regarding the NFC Close-outs items or should you have other issues or concerns, please call our Customer Support line at (213) 880-2102. Thanks for your support!
~Niema Foxe

Samples of Our Shoe Selections:


Knee-high boot with Lace tie-up, Zipper, Low Heel


Open-toe, Open-foot strapped Black Wedgie Sandal


Open-toe Criss-crossed Sandal


Zippered Boot with Buttons at Top

DE BLOSSOM-Jessica-3, White STR-PU

Thigh-high boot with 5 heels, zipper view


Open-toe, Open-foot strapped White Sandal


Open-toe Shoe-Sandal


Brown-crinkle-PU with Flat Heel


Knee-high boot with flat heel and side zipper

MISBEHAVE-Aston Fuschia

Open-toe, Open-foot strapped Fuschia Sandal

NEWAY-Ashley-01, Black

Open-toe Strapped Sandal

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Return Policy

NFC accepts merchandise items that are unworn, unwashed or defective for return or exchange as long as they are returned within two to four weeks. We will issue you a credit either back to your account or will mail you the appropriate amount spent on our website. Your return will usually be processed within a week to a week and a half with an email notification. Please return all merchandise to Niema Foxe Creations, P.O. Box 485, Torrance, CA 90508. Please call our Customer Support line, (213) 880-2102 with any questions or concerns that you may have. Please be sure to pack your return securely and in the original packaging, if possible. Sorry, but we do not accept COD returns.

If you have purchased items that are now on sale, we will gladly offer you a one-time price adjustment if you contact us within 14 days of the original date of purchase or shipment.

NOTE: Niema Foxe Creations offers FREE SHIPPING to our customers. Our prices for all our merchandise are competitive with other vendors which allow us to cost-in our free shipping and pass it on to our consumers. At NFC, we value you, the customer. Thank you for your support of Niema Foxe Creations!